Arkhean History


Cryptozoic Supereon

Hadean Eon

4.6 bya to 4 byaw

Chaotian Era

4600 mya to 4404 mya

Mericosmean Period

The Mericosmean1 is a period where the proto-planet Arkhea splits into Earth itself, and its connected dimensions of Hell and the spirit-world.
Theia Impactw, Lilitheia Impact
A planet-like spacetime cryptid called Lilitheia collides with Arkhea, and splinters the original planet into three overlapping parallel dimensions; Earth, Hell, and the spirit-world. Parts of Lilitheia's body are sucked into the forming planetary dimensions, as they gradually peel apart under the planet-cryptid's warping quantum forces.
4533 mya
The moon, composed of debris from both Arkhea's magma and Lilitheia's skin, forms its crust.

Lilitheia leaves a Mars-sized chunk of its outer skins in the prime Earth dimension, the bulk of its fleshy mass in the Hell dimension, and its exotic star quantum core in the spirit-world dimension, resting in the donut-hole of the synestia.

Zirconian Era

4404 mya to 4030 mya

Phanerozoic Eon

Paleozoic Era

Ordovician Period

478 mya to 470 mya

Floian Epoch has early clione-like 4 feet tall proto-merfolk evolve primitive sapience at around 475 mya.

around 430 mya, they encountered the abyss and became a new ancient merfolk species. they're like a hermaphroditic, sexually-reproducing version of 5 feet tall dolphin-skinned, turtle-beak-gummed merruls

252 mya to 251 myaw, Great Dying
A predatory space cryptid called Tiamat crash-landed on Earth, causing a massive magical surge that affected all three dimensions. The magical surge on Earth created the first magic-radiating leylines, causing a mass-extinction of non-magical species. The surge also completely destroyed the toroid planet of the spirit-world, and filled Hell's hollow core with large quantities of elemental ice energy.

caused Hell's hollow core to fill with magic, creating gehennan ice and Hell's coldfire "water" system and "rainfire" cycle.

???? mya, First Dragonflight

five draconic elemental gods rise at this point, taking early lifeforms and uplifting them to sapience, creating their first mates through various ways, creating the apex species known as dragons. water dragons are eastern dragons/loong/ryu/xiezhi/quilin/kirin (Joestars), wind/wood dragons are quezacoatls (pillar men), void/aether/metal dragons are draigs/welsh dragons/feydrakes/cosmic/stellar/dragonflies/long-tailed burnet moths, earth dragons are wingless/subterranean, fire dragons are european dragons.

the War of the Great Queens happens at around 78 mya

66 myaw, Edge of Winter
The merfolk's Wild Swarm occurs near the start of this extinction event and lasts until the ecosystem recovers from the impact winter.